Green Walls

Interior vertical green solutions:

planning, constructing, planting

An interior`s green-lung does not necessarily have to have only plants or trees but can be a whole wall.

A wall greened / planted with vegetation

Behind this greenwall stay a ingenious technique which controlling the watering and growing of the plants. It increasing the humidity inside the rooms. This affects people positively !

It is possible constructing this greenroof inside a old stock of building. Really better and easier is the planning and installing into a new building.

But both posibilities of buidlings are practicable for a function green wall with life plants well.


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Technic for green walls which convinced.



The highlight could also be a biological herbal wall! As here in the example of the hotel - THE KRANZBACH - here the chef can revive the herbs right up to date and fresh, almost all year round! And the hotel guests can feel and taste the herbs of the vertical herb wall themselves.

Herb walls, however, need a lot of light and a caring green hand, because these herbs want to be nurtured all year round and fertilized accordingly. They should also come from organic farming, so that they are suitable for consumption. But then they are a real treat in any restaurant or hotel.

The green vertical herbaceous wall.

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