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Tropical plants and trees interior from 2 m to 15 m.

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Indoor planting Oct. 2014 : ZARA - Fashion boutique Madrid / Spain - Bucida buceras

Interior greening June. 2013 : Famous fashion house in the world - Germany-Metzingen - Bucida buceras planting in soil.

Phoenix Palm trees greening with over 11 m height and 2 tons weight in the clothing store

Phoenix palms fashion store planting indoor

Fashion houses are very good for a great planting . Often only a large, tropical tree can be under which one can go through or even can present its outfit underneath. Many fashion houses have high ceilings and the airspace can be completed perfectly with a tree crown or palm crown without the space for the clothing expenses.

Plants in the clothing store also increase the air humidity somewhat, since these rooms are usually very air dry through the many substances. This also benefits the customers who feel more comfortable with a green lung in the house.

Butia capitata Palm plants fashion store buy online

If no light is available it is a simple special UV lamps for the plants. In fact, it is usually so that the HQI lamps are already adequately suited for the plants.

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