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Large trees and indoor plants till 12m in the interiors

We are currently planting in 20 countries throughout Europe and are presenting a few projects from Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Spain.

big trees greening shopping mall interior botanic international europe wide

Example: a shopping arcade in Berlin – 2 holm oaks with 5m hight

 quercus ilex photomontage Berlin  Quercus ilex tree in shopping mall berlin

A Bucida buceras tree being planted during construction… Final planting in the shopping mall



 Example: Shopping mall in Luxembourg – Bucida tree with 9m hight

The pre-planning for a large tree in the interior is enormously important. For a sustainable indoor greening, it is important to include the climate, the glass and other factors at an early stage in the planning.

Here at the example of a shopping center in Luxembourg one sees well that the size of this indoor Bucida buceras tree of almost 9m heights is also a logistical challenge to be able to put the tree in the room professionally.

In the interior one usually has no large machines available anymore to handle the tree due to small building inlets or sensitive floors.

Therefore, it is best to prepare the tree setting before by means of a crane. Possibly well before the completion of the building.

But then one must protect the tree accordingly in terms of temperature and drafts and also provide enough light.

A living plant does not wait until all modalities have been completed but wants to continue growing right away with all the perfectly adjusted references it needs for growth. There are already some preparations to be done on some construction sites in order to satisfy the living tree, so that it finally looks optically as you would like to have it for the opening and sustainably afterwards.

Bucida buceras tree buy shopping mall Luxembourg  Shopping Center Luxembourg Bucida Baum kaufen

A Bucida buceras tree being planted during construction… Final planting in the shopping mall


bucida big tree shopping mall buy botanic international

 The Bucida tree after 1 year planting - Best Green!



Example: Shopping center in Madrid, Spain – Tropical area with big trees and plants

The planning with big tropical trees up to 5 meters and more.

A shopping area with many green and like a tropical forest.

Well for guests, visitors and a well surrounding and area. FEELING GREEN!

 Shopping mall tropical trees buy planning botanic international


Shopping Mall tropical trees botanic international  Shopping Mall tropical trees plant botanic interntional buy online



Example: Shopping center in Austria, Vorarlberg – 3 bucida buceras trees with 6-7m hight

This shopping arcade in Vorarlberg has decided to plant 3 large Bucida trees.

A local partner company has completed the execution and now provides the sustainable care service.

Tree shopping mall buy plants vorarlberg  bucida tree shopping mall Austria buy

Vorarlberg Tree Indoorgreen buy  shopping mall center tree plants buy


Example project in Berlin

In this case not easy to find the perfect plants and trees for this atrium.

Because the atrium is cold in wintr - can be frosty and hot in summer over +30°C.

So we find a subtropical well tree which hasn´t problems with this clima.

Greening cold atrium interior trees plants


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