Greening conference room

Plants interior in the meeting room.

Greenings in conference must be looking perfect but not to dominant. Easy care and clean during the year but looking attractive all over the year.

Plants in meeting rooms must be stay in best condition equal if some one forget the Jalousie for example and it is no light for the plants during the weekend.

Interior planting and greening in conference and meeting rooms.

Conference room greening ministerium bavaria green management



Interior greening conference and meeting room.

left site: special construct of planter:                                                       right site: planter in natural wood


Interior greening conference and meeting room with Ficus microcarpa Bonsai.

bonsai-interior-greening-conference-rooms-plants           ficus-microcarpa-bonsai-all-size-buy-online

Working in the conference room near the green atrium oasis !

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We are planting and greening interior your conference and meeting room professional ! Europe-wide.

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