Office greenery

Plants and plant-containers for offices

Numerous offices across Europe have been `greened`by us. Here are a few examples:

Interior greening and office greening - Near Leipzig - Saxony - Germany


Interior greening with an Olive tree in the canteen and Sanseveria micado in the office - Munich - South Germany


Interior greening - Croton in tall anthracite container - Wannsee Berlin.                           Draceana Drago

office_greening_croton_anthracite_pot_berlin     office_greening_draceana_drago_anthracite_pot_clinic

Interior greening - Ficus bonsai and Philodendron delivered already planted

ficus bonsai office greening buy online shop           philodendron office greening buy online shop

Reception greening - Olive tree in open office - Car showroom - Landshut Germany

olive tree office reception greening online

Interior landscaping must be easy to maintain but nonetheless be attractive. Office vegetation is confronted with very dry air especially in winter when the heating is turned-up. One must be careful not to make the mistake of over watering. These plant-pot-combinations are usually planted in containers with drainage and only need watering ( depending on plant ) between twice weekly or once a month.

Our experience shows that any extra plant-care service, due to sophisticated containers, is rarely necessary. However, a professional check-up once or twice a year is recommended.

Indivdual plant and conatainer combinations are available all year. We deliver the desired combination in climate.controlled vehicles that protect the plants during transit, summer or winter. ADVANTAGE: One can order a combination of plants and containers that only need to be delivered, proposed internal landscaping from client,supplied imagery.

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