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Plants and vegetations can be either planted directly into prepared soil and earth or set into suitable containers and planters.

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We weekly deliver vegetation and plants ranging in size from 2-12 m.

You can choose whether we simply deliver the ordered plants, planters and containers and relevant materials in front to your house or if we should also undertake a complete landscaping including regular care and maintenance.

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Whether one desires vegetationin an atrium or a conservatory, or plants to have trees in a shopping mall or an entrance hall boasting tropical plants, light is always a deciding factor. It is therefore imperative for healthy plants one considers the transperency value of the surrounding glass. Glass is not always glass and there are numerous producers. The key to suitable internal vegetation is to consider the glass`s transperency value. The choice of suitable vegetation is generally decided upon before construdtion actually begins.

One can consider artificial light as a solution. However, one must differentiate whether vegetation only requires extra artificial light during the darker winter months or it is necessary for growth the whole year through.

It must be verified that proposed indoor vegetation has been acclimatized for 2-5 years under glass. This ensures they can grow without the necessary UV-Light because normal glass blocks UV. Acclimatized vegetation can be used internally without hesitation. One must also consider at the planning phase to what depth and to what spread the vegetation will require; so do not skimp on the size of the planting bed. Tropical trees reach a ball and head diameter of 150 cm.

Humidity and airflow are also important pointss to consider for internal landscape gardening. Last but not least one must also consider whether the vegetation will be watered automatically, or preferably by our own personnel who can promptly spot and rectify any problems.

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