Plants in entrances - Stairways / stairwells - corridoors-receptions

Tropical interior vegetation planted directly into the ground or into suitable planters or wonderful pots and vessels always make a attractive greening of entrances and corridors.

Here are number of interior landscaping prjects and examples of greening.

Interior landscaping: 10m tall Trachycarpus Palm / Palmtrees at Stairwell and lifts to the 4th floor - Bavaria ( Germany )


Interior landscaping: 5m tall Giant Bonsai ( Ficus microcarpa ) as stairway plants at company entrance.


Interior landscaping: Tropical bamboo at stairwell Car showroom - Headquarters VW Wolfsburg

bamboo-tropical-greening-stairway-hall-online-buy        bamboo-interior-planting-stairway-hall-online-buy

Interior landscaping at atrium`s step with tropical plants - Munich.

 interior landscaping at stairwell and steps       bucida tree Atrium entrance

Interior landscaping in reception area - Black friars No.1 / Tower in London - with large Ficus nitida trees

 Ficus nitida tree London Tower Entrance hall black friars   One Blackfriars Tower London

Stairways or entrance halls, reception areas and lift areas are classic areas for interior landscaping: of the highest priority is how much light is available. A consideration is also the temperature fluctuation, as these areas may sometimes not need to be heated. The plants in these areas are often very dirty because the dust that is produced due to the heavy traffic. Therefore, we recommend extra care for plants that are set in these situations. From our experience it is always possible to find suitable plants and vegetation when we receive the relevant information.

  • How much light will the plants receive due to the existing windows must be considered
  • The temperature of the plants / vegetation throughout the year must be condidered
  • The general climate must be considered
  • Drafts and airflow especially in these areas which can be critical for the plants must be considered

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