Orangery - Greening of glass buidlings

Interior landscaping for Orangeries.

When is an orangery an orangery ? One can easily recognize one due to its distinctive architecture /style. However, an orangery is technically a winter garden, a structure to house and care for plants during the cold winter months until can be placed outside again.

Appropriate plants for orangeries, cold greenhouses are olive trees ( Olea europaea ),White Bird of Paradise ( Strelitzia Nicolai and Reginae ), a number of citrus trees and palms such as Canary date palm ( Phoenix canarensis ), Wagnerianus ( Trachycarpus wagnerianus and fortunei ) some spurges (Euphorbia) and many more. See here for information.

Interior landscaping of orangery near Würzburg ( Germany ) - plants are outside during the summer and inside during the winter except the olive tree which is rooted in the ground and stands the whole year in the orangery.


The orangery boasts a sub-tropical climate which is optimal for Mediterranean plants.

Orange trees in classic Versailles-orangery planters !


Help us  to plan with you your dream orangery from start to finish. We are experienced in respect to all the relevant technologies necessary, including which plants and trees are suitable and which companies are actively producing orangeries and winter gardens. Many prospective owners of orangeries are so concentrated on the orangery itself that they some times forget to consider their vegetation they wish to grow.

A number of achitects and clients work together with us to realize their orangery indcluding which plants are suitable. Points to consider are:

  • The correct choice of glass and its transparency value
  • A perfect ( interior ) climate for both winter and summer
  • Will plants be set directly into the ground or planted in suitable containers
  • Passage ways, drainage and watering
  • Suitable door sizes
  • How much ( if any ) shade is desired or required

We are happy to be of assistance regarding any orangery queries. Please contact us at:

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