Interior landscape gardening for thermal spas

Plants and containers for pools, thermal spas, swimming baths

Representative landscape gardening for thermal spa ` Therme Siebenquell Weißenstadt in Oberfranken:`

Plants and palms up to 9m high were brought to the spa

interior gardening landscape thermal spas
areca dypsis palm thermal spa greenery

Interior landscape gardening for spas should be thought through and planned for during the construction process.

The initial greening planning must consider the transparency value of the glass as well as the internal climate control.

swimming baths greening planning
caryota palm greenery thermal spas

Both developers and architects reserve large plants at least 1 year in advance from greenhouses so that they are ready at the construction`s planting phase. One can also calculate in advance the dimensions of the planting holes when one knows beforehand where each plant will be placed.

greening planning thermal spas
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Flowering plants and undergrowth are obviously necessary when one will present a convincing rainforest or jungle.

strelitzia reginae thermal spa greening interior                                      phoenix canarensis palm buy online


The ´Therme Weißenstadt Siebenquell GesundZeitResort ` during construction - the palms are already planted.

Television report from ` TVO und Bayern 3` with Walter Siegel as project manager of the interior landscaping

thermal spa greening planning


Greenery for spas needs to be both easy to maintain as well as visually appealing. Plants in spas are usually in very humid conditions. However, every plants has to be watered individually. Of course it is possible to automatically control the watering. We at Botanic International recommend manual watering, whether by our gardeners or spa personnel as any problems will be promptly noticed and can be quickly addressed. Some form of cultivation service, organized by the spa management, is necessary especially during the initial months.

interior landscape gardening for thermal spas

Individual plant and container combinations are available. We deliver the desired combination in climate-controlled vehicles that project the plants during transit, summer or winter. ADVANTAGE: one can order a combination of plants and containers that only need to be received, positioned and finally watered.

interior landscaping plants for swimming baths

In many cases we offer at no extra cost an artist`s impression of the planting scheme using client`s supplied imagery.

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